People, not machines

UKOM’s objective is to set and oversee the delivery of a credible industry standard for internet audience measurement.

This means quantifying audiences in terms of people, not browsers or machines.



In a time of automation and programmatic there is a temptation to default to purely machine driven data, tagging and browser delivered, however demography still lies at the heart of what brand advertisers are seeking to achieve through advertising, driving a change in perception, consideration or driving an action in people.

UKOM have therefore selected an audience provision partner whose approach encompasses both key aspects of measurement, people not machines, with their hybrid approach.

The people panel at the heart of this approach delivers demography and, to a large extent, usage of websites, video and apps in the mobile device environment, however all panels (for all media) face limitations in that they can never be large enough to measure everything, in the case of the internet that means specialist channels and niche sites, the ‘long tail’, and building panels for non-home usage is difficult and problematic.  To overcome this a tag based census network solution is used which has as a main advantage the benefit of being capable of measuring out of home internet usage.

The advantage of placing people measurement at the heart of the solution also means that a calibration exercise is possible, using those panelists as a benchmark a ‘cookie per person’ ratio can be calculated and then applied to census only data which overcomes the problems of machine only data – over counting due to access from multiple locations, machines, different browsers, out of geography and cookie deletion.

In summary UKOM places people at the heart of measurement as advertising is about communicating with people and remains core to what brand advertising is seeking to achieve.  On a technical note UKOM also believes this hybrid approach, with people at its core, offers all the advantages of census measurement while overcoming the disadvantages of machine-only approaches.

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