The Executive Board

The UKOM Executive Board is chaired by Douglas McArthur, O.B.E. and provides accountability and guidance to UKOM CEO Ian Dowds and his executive team.

Ian Dowds, CEO of UKOM

The Executive Board meets eight times across the year and is attended by Directors of the organisations that share equal ownership of UKOM, the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Association of Online Publishers (AOP).

Also in attendance are Directors or their deputies of the agency and advertiser trade bodies: Lynne Robinson of the Institute of Practitioners of Advertising (IPA) and Mark Finney of the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA). These two representatives are ex-officio members of the UKOM Board and attend in advisory capacities.

Further Board Members are Ian Dowds, UKOM CEO; Scott Fleming who chairs the UKOM Technical Board; Bill Murray, chair of the UKOM Commercial Board. Richard Somerville, UKOM Technical Manager and Julie Forey, UKOM Director of Insight also attend Board meetings.

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