Social Networks: Changing Profiles

At IAB Engage in October 2016, Snapchat UK revealed that they have 10 million users in the UK and that 77% of them are aged over 18.  So how does Snapchat’s adult audience of nearly 8 million compare to those of other social networking sites? This month, using UKOM-approved comScore Multi-Platform data (MMX MP), we profile key players in the market and explore usage among adults. Key highlights include:

  • 93.1% or 39.4m online adults used a social network in September 2016
  • Facebook is still by far the most popular site in terms of visitor numbers among all age groups
  • Snapchat’s audience is the most skewed towards youth with nearly three quarters aged under 35. Over 50% of 18-24s use Snapchat compared to less than 1 in 5 adults.
  • Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest are seeing the fastest growth, particularly among 35+ audiences (Q3 2016 v Q1 2016)
  • As social networks become more mature so does their audience. Younger audiences may be quick to try new social platforms but are not in a rush to abandon the ones they have already built up



Read more or download the whole Social Networks: Changing Profiles .pdf here.

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