Uber & Pokémon Go – Making the headlines in 2016

2016 is coming to an end so the team at UKOM thought it was a good time to look two online services which have dominated the column inches this year – Uber & Pokémon Go. Key insights include:

  • Uber’s heavy use amongst London media agency staff does not reflect the national picture.
  • In October 2016 Uber’s app and website had 2.5 million unique visitors, an increase of over 40% since January this year
  • 3.4 million UK adults were still playing Pokémon Go in October 2016, down from a peak of nearly 10 million in July.
  • Although the Pokémon Go audience has dropped by two-thirds, the average time spent among those who still use it is high – average time per user went up from 297 minutes (almost five hours) in July to 442 minutes (over 7 hours) in October 2016.
  • Today, older audiences who play Pokémon Go today spend longer using the app. The average time spent on Pokémon Go for 18-24s in October was only 301 minutes compared to 548 minutes among 35+ - could this be because younger audiences started using it earlier so have found all the Pokémon?



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