Oath’s UK Audience

When looking at the top 10 internet properties in terms of unique monthly visitors, the brand OATH might not be top of mind, but latest UKOM data, shows the organisation, formed in 2017, was the 6th largest property in the UK for audience reach in January 2018 – making it bigger than Ebay, Twitter and all the major news groups.

Oath was created after US telecommunications giant, Verizon, bought Yahoo in a $4.48billion deal. Having already purchased AOL in 2015, Verizon, combined the two organisations, and launched a new company: Oath. Oath owns a diverse portfolio of consumer brands. In addition to AOL & Yahoo, Oath also owns leading online newspaper HuffPost as well as Techcrunch, Engadget, Flickr & Tumblr. Whilst the consumer brands remain, Oath, the umbrella brand, sells digital media & advertising technology solutions across a portfolio of websites and services.

Oath’s own brands reach 38.4m UK internet users every month or 80% of online population with visitors spending on average 2 hrs 25 minutes a month engaging with its services (almost 8 minutes per visit).

Oath’s audience and reach proposition is enhanced further as the company also sells display advertising across several Microsoft consumer online services including MSN content sites, Outlook, and Skype. When including these, the combined Oath & Microsoft partnership (O&M entity) reaches nearly 42 million monthly UK consumers – 87.5% of the online population – making it second only** to Google.

Facebook and Google have dominated scale audiences for online advertising over recent years and youth orientated services such as Snapchat are currently grabbing some headlines. It would appear that Oath’s self-proclaimed ‘house of brands’ might offer a realistic alternative for reaching the majority of the UK Online population.

News this week suggests that Oath may not be the only new brand to feature in the top 10 online properties this year. Only this week, Trinity Mirror announced plans to change its name to ‘Reach’ following the Express acquisition – if agreed, look out for a UKOM insight piece on this in the future.

Notes on Data:

All UK data is based on UKOM industry standard and development level approved Comscore MMX Multi-Platform data. Comscore MMX Multi-Platform includes desktop browsing, desktop video streams, smartphone browsing & apps, tablet browsing & apps. Desktop data is based on age 6+ and Mobile Age 18+.

**Data is based on comparing the O&M Custom Entity to top online services at the ‘Property’ level.

Custom Entities allow clients to create alternative groupings of companies and brands that sit outside their respective Comscore hierarchies. HuffPost Global is a Custom Entity which groups all the HuffPost channels together e.g. HuffPost News, HuffPost Lifestyle, HuffPost Entertainment etc. 

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