Last week, three of the biggest UK News Brands – News UK, The Telegraph and The Guardian News and Media announced a new joint initiative, The Ozone Project.

In a clear attempt to challenge what is sometimes seen as an unstoppable train of revenue growth for the likes of Facebook and other global online players, The Ozone project combines their resources to create a large digital ad network. The initiative, it claims, will offer brands and advertisers direct and transparent access to audiences at scale in a premium, brand safe environment. So how many people do these three news brands have a combined opportunity to reach online and how does this compare to the global online leaders?

UKOM approved data from Comscore shows that the three media brands have a combined audience of 39.7 million adults or the ability to reach 93.6% of the UK adult online population.


An adult audience of almost 40 million puts it hot on the heels of Google and Facebook, making The Ozone Project the 3rd biggest property in terms of audience reach and a strong competitor to the duopoly for selling eyeballs at scale. Given not all of Google and Facebook’s brands carry display advertising (e.g. WhatsApp & Search), it may be of interest to note that 40 million is also the number of monthly YouTube viewers and visitors to Facebook – their two biggest products offering display advertising opportunities.

Late last year, UKOM featured a piece on Oath whose combined services including, Yahoo and AOL inventory offered advertisers an audience reaching over 80% of the UK online population, rising to 90% when including the Microsoft Partnership properties of MSN, Outlook and Skype, for which Oath sells display advertising.

The Ozone Project is not due to launch until August 2018 but having yet another new digital media brand in the market which offers large scale audiences to rival Google and Facebook could be good for advertisers and good for the news brands. If the collaboration is successful, it could also deliver for those who believe that quality journalism should be better rewarded.

Notes on Data:

All UK data is based on UKOM industry standard and development level approved Comscore MMX Multi-Platform data. Comscore MMX Multi-Platform includes desktop browsing, desktop video streams, smartphone browsing & apps, tablet browsing & apps.

Data is based on 18+ online unique visitors in May 2018. 

The Ozone Project audience reach is based on an Audience Duplication report of the following Media Properties: News UK Sites, The Guardian and Telegraph Media Group.





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