Last month, the new ‘Reach’ media brand joined the Ozone Project, a joint initiative with News UK, The Telegraph and The Guardian News and Media to create a large digital sales house. As highlighted in a UKOM Insights piece in July, the Ozone Project claims to offer brands and advertisers the opportunity to buy audiences at scale in a premium, brand safe environment.  So how big is ‘Reach’ and how does its reach impact the potential audience (or reach!) of the Ozone Project ….

‘Reach’ was created earlier this year after The Trinity Mirror Group, acquired the UK publishing assets of Northern & Shell including The Daily Express, The Sunday Express, The Daily Star and OK.  Following completion of the acquisition, Trinity Mirror Group, renamed the organisation ‘Reach’. Latest UKOM approved data from Comscore shows that the Reach Group had an audience of 36.2 million adults in August 2018, reaching 84.1% of the digital population.  

Combining the assets of Reach with those of the original Ozone Project partners would give the new sales house a monthly audience of 41.1 million adults or 95.3% of the UK adult digital population (based on unduplicated Comscore data).  The addition of Reach to the existing News brands provides an incremental audience of around 3 million unique visitors. The table below shows this combined reach and how news consumption differs by platform – with mobile devices clearly outperforming desktops/laptops.

An audience of 41.1 million monthly adults would put the new formed sales house on par with Facebook and Google in terms of overall reach.

Google still has the highest reach, but when focusing on display advertising, the Ozone Project’s combined publications could have a bigger adult audience than YouTube, given August Comscore deduplicated data where YouTube reached 40.9 million adults. Coincidentally, 40.9 million is also the number of visitors to the Facebook* brand – excluding WhatsApp and Instagram which are included in Facebook’s overall reach.  Search drives Google’s higher reach among desktop users but the dominance of smartphones for both YouTube and Facebook means all three brands reach over 90% of mobile users.

The new CEO of the Ozone Project, Damon Reeve, told Mediatel that trial campaigns will begin running next month before the project formally launches at the end of the year.  UKOM will provide an update on the Ozone Project’s audience reach following launch. 

Notes on Data:

All UK data is based on UKOM industry standard and development level approved Comscore MMX Multi-Platform data. Comscore MMX Multi-Platform includes desktop browsing, desktop video streams, smartphone browsing & apps, tablet browsing & apps.

Data is based on 18+ online unique visitors in August 2018. 

The Ozone Project audience reach is based on an Audience Duplication report of the following Media Properties: News UK Sites, The Guardian, Telegraph Media Group and the Reach Group.

* Facebook brand relates to the Facebook and Messenger Media Title in Comscore and excludes Instagram and Whatsapp.

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