Facebook & Snapchat: Age Profiles

1/3/18 A recent news article in The Guardian, based on data from e-Marketer, asked the question ‘Is Facebook for Old People?’ This month UKOM looks at the age profile and usage of the two social networking services.

UKOM publishes FAQ on EU GDPR

13/12/17 UKOM has published a Question & Answer document about the EU's proposed General Data Protection Regulation legal framework.

Event wrap-up: UKOM Presents “Perspectives on Standards, Principles and Ethics”, Nov 27 2017

6/12/17 UKOM drew a crowd of over 100 guests from agencies, publishers, clients and stakeholders to its second UKOM Presents event held at Ham Yard Hotel in London on November 27.

UKOM. New developments in UK online audience measurement and changes in online universes

6/10/17 UKOM is updating the source for UK online universe estimates for all the comScore products that it endorses from the previous National Readership Survey (NRS) to the new Audience Measurement for Publishers (AMP) study, which is run for PAMCO by Ipsos MORI.

UKOM announces an important milestone in multi-platform measurement

28/9/17 UKOM has announced development endorsement of comScore’s Video Metrix Multi-Platform product

UKOM Launches First Display Ad Campaign

11/9/17 UKOM this week launches its first digital display advertising campaign

18-24s and Traditional News Brands

17/8/17 The role of social media sites in breaking news and influencing readers has never been greater and few would disagree that it had a big part to play in the recent UK General Election. This month, UKOM looks at the significance of traditional news brands in the online lives of young audiences.

UKOM releases Q2 2017 Digital Market Overview report

27/7/17 UKOM has released the latest in its series of quarterly Digital Market Overview reports.

UKOM releases new ‘Airbnb & category’ insights

12/7/17 Airbnb has disrupted the travel lodgings sector since it burst on the scene offering short term holiday lettings. So how does its current consumer usage compare now to the sector's?

UKOM releases ‘Online Newspapers and Elections’ insights

26/5/17 As the UK heads to the polls for the third time in 3 years, a new UKOM Insights piece examines the effects of elections on UK online newspaper readership.

UKOM releases March 2017 Digital Market Overview report

8/5/17 UKOM has released the latest in its series of quarterly Digital Market Overview reports.

IAB and UKOM publish latest time spent online figure

12/4/17 The IAB and UKOM have updated their definitive figure on how long people actively spend online each day.

UKOM releases ‘Mums Online’ insights

23/3/17 With Mothers' day approaching, UKOM has released the latest in its series of insight pieces - 'Mums Online'.

P&G CMO: Big $$$ digital adspend “needs objective validated measurement”

3/2/17 In a landmark speech at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in the US last week, P&G’s CMO Mark Pritchard set out four principles by which P&G would approach their digital marketing going forward.

UKOM releases December 2016 Digital Market Overview report

26/1/17 UKOM has released the latest in its series of quarterly Digital Market Overview reports.

Online Personals: Who kicks off the New Year looking for love?

6/1/17 January is one of the busiest times of year for people looking for love online. Who kicks off the New Year looking for love and how much time do they spend searching for their perfect partner? Based on behaviour this time last year, UKOM explores the personals category.

150 million people saw your video…says who?

27/10/16 Enough is enough, it's time to reinstate some fundamental discipline around definitions, statistics and sources in media and advertising, writes UKOM CEO Ian Dowds.

ISBA’s Mark Finney takes a strong position on the need for industry standards for online measurement

21/10/16 With much comment across the industry on Facebook’s mea culpa last month on its measurement of its own video advertising, Mark Finney, Director of Media and Advertising at ISBA, gives his perspective on the need for all to cooperate on industry standards for measurement.

“Four Lessons from History on Data & its Application” by ZenithOptimedia’s Richard Shotton

12/10/16 We recap the UKOM-sponsored - and best-rated - breakout session at IAB Engage 2016, “Four Lessons from History on Data & its Application” by ZenithOptimedia’s Richard Shotton.

comScore Mobile Audio Measurement Enhancement

16/9/16 In recognition of the ever growing popularity of streaming audio services (e.g. Spotify, Soundcloud and online radio etc.) the methodology for comScore’s UKOM-approved MoMX measurement of duration is being enhanced to reflect users’ frequent multi-tasking behaviour.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

15/9/16 UKOM Opinion: Are data and digital ad-technology solving or driving marketing’s challenges - or simply adding to them?

PC/laptops still key for some categories online

31/8/16 In July 2016 only 38% of adults' internet time was spent on PCs and laptops. However, smartphones and tablets don’t dominate uniformly across all content and this month UKOM identifies categories where the PC/laptop still dominates...

UKOM releases June 2016 Digital Market Overview report

29/7/16 UKOM has released the latest in its series of quarterly Digital Market Overview reports.

Are Brits really obsessed with the weather?

14/7/2016 Talking about the weather is said to be a British national pastime. In 2010 a survey for Kate Fox’s book ‘Watching the English’ revealed that 90% of Brits had discussed the weather in the last six hours. So are we really obsessed with the weather or do we just like talking about it? UKOM investigates…

Euro 2016 – Are online bookies set to cash in? UKOM takes a look at online betting in the UK

8/6/2016 The 10th June sees the start of UEFA’s Euro 2016 Football Championships in France. The UK is well represented this year with England, Wales and Northern Ireland all competing but who are the favourites to win?

Women driving mobile internet time

2/6/2016 Women are more likely than men to use the internet on their mobile phones according to a new report released by UKOM, based on comScore cross-platform online data.

UKOM releases first Digital Market Overview report

9/5/16 UKOM has released the first of its new quarterly Digital Market Overview reports.

UKOM appoints Julie Forey as Director of Insight

7/4/16 UKOM has appointed Julie Forey as its first Director of Insight.

Ian Dowds, CEO of UKOM, writes about the latest time spent figures from UKOM

16/2/16 On one hand, averages don’t always, of course, tell the entire story...

IAB and UKOM publish definitive figure on time spent online

16/2/2016 The IAB and UKOM have published a definitive figure on how long people actively spend online each day, to bring clarity to the market by removing any confusion around the conflicting sources claiming to measure time online.

UKOM makes comScore MMX Multi-Platform data of record for UK industry standard audience measurement

Building on MMX, Mobile Metrix and Video Metrix from the comScore Audience Analytics suite, MMX Multi-Platform offers unduplicated accounting of online audiences across desktop, tablet and smartphones.

IAB & UKOM Publish “Definitive” Time People Spend Online –  2 Hrs 51 Mins A Day

Aims to clear up confusion around online media consumption figures. Mobiles and tablets account for over half (56%) of internet time.

UKOM Appoints Ian Dowds as Chief Executive Officer

UKOM announces the appointment of Ian Dowds as its first CEO.

UK Digital Market Overview June 2015

UK Digital Market Overview April 2015

UKOM Reappoints comScore as Official Partner for UK Online Audience Measurement

UK Digital Market Overview February 2015

From GSMA MMM to Mobile Metrix: The Evolution of UK Mobile Media Measurement

UKOM statement on comScore mobile measurement change

Planning insights: big supermarket brands enjoy greater user loyalty

Planning insights: rules of media still apply in digital

How UKOM ensures responsible measurement in online: one big idea in one small video.

UKOM governance, progress, and education. Video explaining the role of UKOM and comScore.

Opinion: Let’s not make a virtue of complexity.

James Smythe argues that the greatest obstacle in growing online brand advertising is a lack of confidence in the medium - caused by uncertainty amid the complexity of data and solutions.

Separate Tablet data from March 2014

comScore will publish UKOM-approved Tablet data from the release of March data (due in April 2014)

Same consumers, different platforms

Presentation to the AOP Spring Conference, March 2014

ABC issues compliance certificate for UKOM-approved comScore MMX

ABC issues compliance certificate for census data in UKOM-approved comScore MMX

Mail Online most popular UK online news brand

Article from The Guardian, 13/11/13

New report on 25 most-read digital news brands in UK

Article from

PLatforms to People: a story of multi-platform measurement

Article from MediaTel Newsline, 07/11/13

UK Tablet audience measured at 12.8m

Article from The Drum, 26/09/13

Weaning the industry off poor measurement

Article from The Drum, 01/10/13

comScore & UKOM Present The Multi-Platform Majority

UKOM/comScore research processes earn ABC endorsement for census data

Bringing confidence to digital-first planning

UKOM value update July 2013

New IPA report ‘The Big Opportunity - Audience Research meets Big data’

Jamie Walters of Metro discusses upcoming release of Tablet browsing data

Tablets now account for 8% of website traffic: UKOM and comScore announce early data release date

UKOM and comScore are bringing forward industry-approved measurement of Tablet device audiences, from August 2013.

Are you seeing people or just data? UKOM sponsors 25th ISBA Annual Conference

UKOM presentation to MRG on 27th Feb 2013

First UKOM-approved comScore MMX data released

UKOM and comScore present 2013 services to the industry

Presentation from UKOM event on 7/2/13

Agencies welcome UKOM and ComScore’s cross-platform media planning metric (The Drum)

UKOM and ComScore tie-up adds weight to mobile marketing measurement (Marketing Week)

UKOM enters three-year exclusive contract with comScore

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