Are Brits really obsessed with the weather?

14/7/2016 Talking about the weather is said to be a British national pastime. In 2010 a survey for Kate Fox’s book ‘Watching the English’ revealed that 90% of Brits had discussed the weather in the last six hours.  So are we really obsessed with the weather or do we just like talking about it? UKOM investigates…

The summer holiday season is upon us but it’s been a changeable few weeks across the UK. If you are setting off on your summer holiday soon, going to a festival, getting married or just wanting to have a BBQ, you are very likely to turn to the internet to check the weather forecast. UKOM approved comScore data shows us that every month over half the UK online population visit weather sites or apps online with usage increasing hugely to over 60% during the summer months. In 2015 minutes tripled from 400 million in Feb 2015 to 1.2 billion during June and July and we are beginning to see a similar pattern this year.   

Among those who like to check the weather online, average minutes per month vary from 17-20 per person during the winter months to over 40 mins per person in the summer.  Mobile devices are much more popular for checking the weather than the desktop – in May 2016 83% of all time spent on the category was via mobile devices with 69% of all visitors ONLY accessing via mobile.  The most popular online weather brands in May were BBC Weather, Accuweather, The Weather Company, Met Office and Yahoo Weather.

So which audiences are spending most time checking the weather forecast online? And how does UK consumption of weather content compare to the US? Find out by downloading the full Are Brits really obsessed with the weather? .pdf here.

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