ISBA’s Mark Finney takes a strong position on the need for industry standards for online measurement

Mark Finney, ISBA
With much comment across the industry on Facebook’s mea culpa last month on its measurement of its own video advertising, Mark Finney, Director of Media and Advertising at ISBA, gives his perspective on the need for all to cooperate on industry standards for measurement:

The Facebook video viewing measurement debacle has had the advertising industry up in arms, perhaps unsurprisingly. I myself have made disgruntled sounds for others to bite on, but does all this sound and fury signify anything?

Some industry commentators think the issue has been overblown. The "average duration of video viewed" metric, they say, is just one of many and not necessarily a very important one for many advertisers, compared with CPA or overall campaign ROI. This may be true, but it rather misses the point.

Facebook's "math" mistake was not only unfortunate and embarrassing, it served as a reminder that no one is independently verifying Facebook's claimed audience numbers. This should be a source of great concern to all advertisers.

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