New IPA report ‘The Big Opportunity - Audience Research meets Big data’

“Big Data presents a quantum leap forward for media research. If used in conjunction with relevant industry survey data, it will amplify the strengths of both to create a whole bigger than the sum of its parts. However depending solely on Big Data will result in severely limited insights.”

This report by Richard Marks, commissioned by the IPA, considers the potential of big data to transform media research, and therefore the industry practices that it serves. But most importantly, it reminds us that the standards required from such data are not less demanding, and proposes a number of questions we should ask to test the usefulness of "big" datasets.

comScore's industry-approved online audience measurement services have pioneered the use of big data in media research, combining monthly data from a panel of 73,000 UK individuals with billions of tag records (created when someone opens a comScore-tagged webpage). This approach combines the breadth of big data with the depth and reliability of traditional, people-centric panel measurement.

Click here to download the report from the IPA website.

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