P&G CMO: Big $$$ digital adspend “needs objective validated measurement”

In a landmark speech at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in the US last week, P&G’s CMO Mark Pritchard set out four principles by which P&G would approach their digital marketing going forward.

UKOM welcomes Pritchard outlining principle no.2 (from 11’30” in the video – link below) that is “required to do business on a level playing field: accredited 3rd party measurement verification.” Pritchard’s message is explicit: P&G have been “making big dollar bets that need objective validated measurement to ensure [P&G] are getting the viewability, the audience, the reach and the frequency [they] are paying for” and he continues “regardless of how much we trust and respect the people from whom we buy media, we need an objective and impartial judge to perform measurement.”


You can watch the full speech here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEUCOsphoI0.

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