Planning insights: big supermarket brands enjoy greater user loyalty

Analysis from comScore MMX of how users of different online supermarkets visit the sites of rival brands reveals a typical “double jeopardy” picture.

Planners will be familiar with the flexible analysis available with cross-tab software like Telmar's Survey Time. UKOM-approved comScore data is now available in this system, which unlocks all sorts of cross-site analysis possibilities.

In this example, we have looked at users of different online supermarkets, and their propensity to also visit rivals' sites. The data show typical "double jeopardy"characteristics: among the smaller supermarket brand users, a greater proportion of people visit the bigger brands, while if we take big supermarket brand users as the baseline, their users show a little less promiscuity. The average Tesco user uses 1.8 of the 6 brands measured, while for the average Ocado user it's 2.6. "Double Jeopardy" is an ages-old observation of brand and media consumption behaviour which argues that the smaller your overall reach, the lower your user loyalty (i.e. it's hard to get a small, loyal user base)

However, the data also show clear biases of preference: 36% of Ocado users also use, only a little behind Asda, yet overall Asda has doube the online customers that Sainsbury's does. Ocado and users are the least likely to use The idea that a supermarket brand reflects how we feel about ourselves seems to hold true.

This kind of insight is easy to access from comScore's data, with the right tools. Telmar SurveyTime allows you to define audiences by their behaviour as well as the usual demographics, so you can build online campaigns targeting, for example, people who have visited rival online supermarkets as well as the one you're planning for.

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