Planning insights: rules of media still apply in digital

comScore’s huge database of online consumer behaviour really comes to life when analysed in Telmar survey time software. In this analysis we’ve looked at consumer promiscuity within content categories and found that, despite the bigger categories usually having more competition, they are more likely to be dominated by their top 3 sites.


Despite what you may hear on some conference platforms, big media brands aren't just a legacy idea that digital media has swept aside. Evidence from the only true cross-platform measurement system shows us that the more a content category becomes established in public popularity, the more people gravitate towards the top three sites in that category.

For brand advertising planners, this suggests a number of things:-

  • strong media brands exist in digital and offer the same opportunities in reach and engagement that they do in other media;
  • emergent digital media in already popular content areas may not necessarily be any more successful than through other media channels;
  • the media (not the platform) are the experts at reaching people, successful campaigns will need media brands AND technology.

For publishers:-

  • the consumer power of your media brands is not diminished by the platform they are on, no matter how long the long tail is;
  • encouraging advertisers to partner with your brands on content strategies is more likely to gain exposure for them than "going it alone" with owned media.

This analysis is made possible by Telmar's Survey Time software, which is already available to a large number of agency and publisher research and planning teams.

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