Separate Tablet data from March 2014

comScore will publish UKOM-approved Tablet data from the release of March data (due in April 2014), as part of the GSMA MMM product.

This release comes at the same time as a couple of methodology enhancements developed in partnership with the UKOM Technical Group. comScore's full message is as follows:

Effective with March data, to be released in April 2014, comScore will be improving its GSMA and MMX MP Mobile product methodology as well as expanding the scope of GSMA MMM reported data.

Tablet reporting
We are very pleased to announce an expanded GSMA Mobile Media Metrics universe with effect from March 2014 data onwards. Insights on tablet consumption will appear within the GSMA MMM reporting interface alongside the existing operator mobile phone user data within 3 core reports:

  • Key Measures
  • Media Trend
  • % Change Media Trend

Media properties that are tagged (with the comScore site tag or application SDK) and accessed by tablets will be reported within GSMA MMM reporting – this will also result in the total mobile consumption reported in GSMA to mirror what is currently reported within MMX Multi-Platform.

Each of the methodology improvements detailed below have been fully evaluated and approved by UKOM’s Technical Group

Browser WIFI Scaling Improvements
A change will occur to how browser phone WI-FI audience (UV) is reported. This methodology enhancement is intended to improve our precision on wi-fi based consumption on iOS devices. Specifically, this methodology improvement:

  • addresses the multiplicative effect on iOS devices of cookies dropped onto 3rd party browsers, embedded browsers within applications and Safari browser.
  • broadens the cookie consideration set by an improved definition of persistency that is consistent with other products – in line with comScore’s other reporting methodologies

Whilst these enhancements to wi-fi based consumption do not affect On-Network consumption, they do impact overall consumption reporting within GSMA MMM – the impact varies by entity. Additionally, this methodological improvement also affects Mobile audience numbers reported within MMX MP.

Device Classification changes
A change to the Mobile Phone classification process improves the scope and accuracy of browsed sites and applications by allowing a greater number of previously unclassifiable device user agents to be considered within the reporting. This change will affect GSMA MMM phone reporting as well as MMX MP Mobile (UK) reporting.

Tablets Census Only Duration
Effective with March data a sequential method of browser-access duration calculation will be introduced to Tablets Census Only data which improves the accuracy of the reported results. App duration will reported directly on the basis of SDK (the new SDK is needed - version 2.1307.01 or later). This change will affect GSMA MMM tablet reporting as well as MMX MP Mobile (UK) reporting.

These changes have been fully evaluated and approved by UKOM’s technical group.

For more information on all of these changes – please download a more detailed explanation here.

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