Tablets now account for 8% of website traffic: UKOM and comScore announce early data release date

Combined Tablet and Mobile traffic now at just under one third of all website activity

Following the assessment of beta data from its data partner comScore, the UK Online Measurement Company (UKOM) is delighted to announce that the publication of approved tablet audience data  is planned to be brought forward to August with the release of July 2013 data; five months ahead of the original schedule. comScore’s MMX Multi-Platform product will be the first UK online audience measurement system to integrate tablet user figures, demonstrating UKOM and comScore's commitment to set and deliver the standard for online audience measurement.

With an increasing amount of audience migration from personal computers to tablets and mobiles, and a decline in audience figures for sites measured for PC use only, there is a pressing commercial need to quantify this effect and keep pace with the changing nature of digital consumption.

Beta data from comScore Device Essentials suggests that in one month, an average of 8.1% of page views in the UK come from tablet devices and 23.4% come from mobile. The tablet figure rises to 13.6% for newspapers, and as high as 18.2% for sites in the Home Lifestyles category. In the case of newspapers, the data show that a greater proportion of page views now come to websites from Tablet than they do from Mobile, and that collectively, these platforms account for over a quarter of all pages viewed.

Page Views to websites in selected categories, split by device, February 2013

  % of all Page Views served to...    
Content category PC/Mac Tablets Mobiles
Total internet 68.5% 8.1% 23.4%
Property 70.5% 18.2% 11.3%
Entertainment news 78.7% 15.4% 5.9%
Health 59.8% 15.1% 25.1%
Automotive 62.8% 14.5% 22.7%
Newspapers 73.3% 13.6% 13.1%
Retail 74.6% 11.5% 13.9%
Sports 64.0% 9.7% 26.3%
Beauty/Fashion/Style 82.3% 8.4% 9.3%

Sources: comScore Device Essentials, February 2013, UK – share of page views from the comScore census network. The above table does not include usage of tablet or mobile applications; the measurement of both will be included in the data released in August for tagged applications. Media owners, who are not already tagging with comScore, can do so for free at and request support from their client service representative or at

Furthermore, The National Readership Survey (NRS), who produce UK population enumeration data for UKOM-approved comScore services, have reported that 24.5% of the UK population over 15 (12.4m people) had personally used a tablet in the twelve months leading up to the end of last year, compared to 9.2% (4.7m) at the start of 2012.

Personal use of a tablet computer in the previous 12 months among UK individuals 15+

  Q1 2012 Q2 2012 Q3 2012 Q4 2012
% 9.2% 10.8% 23.2% 24.5%
Millions 4.7m 5.2m 11.7m 12.4m

Source: NRS

Tim Gentry, Revenue Director at Guardian News & Media commented: "We're very pleased at UKOM and comScore's decision to bring forward tablet measurement, as this will start to provide advertisers with the level of transparency they require when planning campaigns in what is undoubtedly a strong growth area for The Guardian. The data will compliment our cross-platform Audiences Not Platform strategy - enabling our agencies and advertisers to plan campaigns across our entire progressive audience: in print, online, mobile and tablet."

James Smythe, General Manager of UKOM commented: "The ability of new technology to disrupt our industry is no surprise, but it is testament to comScore's expertise and commitment to the UK digital industry's needs, and to the efforts of subscriber companies who help UKOM oversee comScore services, that tablet measurement can be delivered both effectively and ahead of schedule."

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