UKOM announces an important milestone in multi-platform measurement

UKOM has announced development endorsement of comScore’s Video Metrix Multi-Platform, giving agencies and advertisers metrics on over 100 video properties across PC, smartphone and tablet devices.

Following a stringent four month examination by UKOM’s technical board, the comScore VMX MP product - available to view at - recently received endorsement at development level from UKOM’s executive board.

This evolution of UKOM endorsed products means that it can now supply insight on:

  • total, incremental and unduplicated viewership across smartphone, tablet and desktop
  • age and gender demographic across screens
  • how engagement differs across platforms to help buyers plan and sellers optimise their monetisation strategies

Currently the VMX MP data features companies who have their audio-visual content measured by comScore, and have therefore tagged or provided a robust data passback. UKOM hopes that the importance of mobile video across the industry will encourage more partners to come on board, as YouTube have done, and so benefit from the depth of insight available.

VMX MP Data for July shows that mobile devices dominated consumption of YouTube for 18+ year olds, accounting for 79% of all videos viewed and 74% of video minutes.  In addition to the total viewing, VMX MP also provides data on YouTube Channels.

As an example, the data on YouTube for two of their music channel partners – Warner Music and Vevo – reveals some surprising insights on the viewing of 18+ adults:

  • Ed Sheeran was the most popular artist on the Warner Music YouTube channel in July – 20.9m videos of Sheeran performing were seen by over 4m adults with each viewer watching for 13.5 minutes in total, an average of 2.8 minutes per video.
  • In contrast, on the Vevo YouTube Channel, musician and producer DJ Khaled was the most viewed artist in July. 17.6m DJ Khaled videos were seen by 4.3 million viewers across PC and mobile devices. 
  • The Manchester Arena bombing on May 22 appears to have had an impact on viewing of Ariana Grande’s music as the number of her videos viewed more than doubled from 5m in April 2017 to 10.5m in June.

Ian Dowds, CEO of UKOM, said: “At a time when all eyes are on the importance of  multi-platform audience measurement, we want to ensure our users have the best possible understanding of the UK’s online population from an independent industry-backed source. Adding mobile video to the UKOM portfolio is an important part of the strategy.”


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