The COVID-19 impact on UK Online Usage – Part 3

After huge category highs and lows in April following the first month of lockdown, UKOM’s latest investigation focuses on how online behaviour has changed between April and May as the lockdown begins to ease.

The COVID-19 impact on UK Online Usage – Part 2

UK Online audiences in audiences in April, the first full month of CV-19 lock down, broadly continued the trajectory of March over January, but with some notable differences.

The COVID-19 impact on UK Online Usage

Instead of the familiar quarterly UKOM Digital Market Overview, in this report we look at the ways online UK behaviour shifted in March 2020 as opposed to January, much of it driven by the COVID-19 virus and the UK lockdown, which officially started on Monday 23rd of March.

1 Million+ Smartphone Apps

In December 2019, Comscore reported usage data on 2,876 smartphone apps in the UK. Large US based global companies dominate the top 20 with Facebook and Google alone owning 9 of the top 10 based on unique visitors aged 18+.

IAB UK Research Breakfast - January 2020

Slide deck presented by Julie Forey to the IAB UK Research Breakfast in January 2020.

Q4 2019 UK Digital Market Overview report

Welcome to UKOM’s Digital Market Overview for December 2019. Using UKOM approved Comscore data, the DMO shares insights into what the UK Population is doing online by providing a top-line snapshot of audience behaviour each quarter.

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