Following a tender process, UKOM (UK Online Measurement Ltd), the body which sets and governs the standard for UK online audience measurement, will appoint a new supplier from January 2021. 

Comscore’s UKOM-endorsed products for online audience measurement will remain the UK industry standard for online audience measurement through 31 December 2020.  

UKOM CEO Ian Dowds says: “Comscore has delivered a strong and valued audience measurement solution for the UK since 2012. We believe the new supplier aligns with UKOM’s focus for online audience research governance from 2021 onwards.”  

Comscore EVP EMEA & APAC, Guido Fambach, says: “We have enjoyed a fruitful and mutually beneficial partnership with UKOM since 2012. Comscore will continue to build on its 20-year track record of servicing UK and global clients with innovative and high quality digital and cross-media audience and campaign measurement solutions. As always, we will work with our customers to ensure continued confidence, transparency and accountability in our reported data through the remaining term of our contract with UKOM and beyond.” 

Before starting the tender process, UKOM undertook an industry consultation to assess how UKOM can best support the online measurement ambitions of UK media owners, marketers and agencies in the changing landscape.  

Ian Dowds said: UKOM are committed to providing a complete, high-quality picture of online audiences and the new contract will encompass online audience measurement of websites and mobile applications deduplicated across desktop PCs, smart phones and tablets but also the capability to verify the audience of online advertising campaigns. Details of the new service shall be released in a separate statement, which is expected to be released in the coming weeks.”

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