UKOM is disappointed to announce that the first release of fully UKOM endorsed data from Ipsos Iris will be delayed until April’s data is released next month. 

We recognise the complexities of building a single source, multi-device panel of 10,000 individuals and fusing that data with a census-based tagging panel, while integrating server-side data sets from several platforms.

We are frustrated that the expected dates for delivery of fully UKOM endorsed data from Ipsos iris have been missed. However we cannot endorse the release of data that does not match the standards set by the UKOM industry boards. 

The imperative for UKOM is that the data delivered by Ipsos iris carries the confidence of the industry and iris subscribers. UKOM will continue due diligence to ensure this is the case. 

UKOM is focused on ensuring that Ipsos now deliver data sets in time for the scheduled release of April data. We thank Ipsos for dedicating all their resources to deliver this.

For more details please see this statement from Ipsos dated 30.03.21.

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