UKOM drew a crowd of over 100 guests from agencies, publishers, clients and stakeholders to its second UKOM Presents event held at Ham Yard Hotel in London on November 27.

The objective of UKOM’s event series is to update the industry on UKOM activities and to provide a forum to look at familiar subjects from new perspectives, building support for UKOM in its mission to provide a UK industry standard for online audience measurement.

Attendees heard about UKOM’s progress in 2017:

• Since September UKOM has been using an advanced establishment survey from IPSOS that better reflects the more mobile digital UK population.

• UKOM’s technical and executive boards have recently approved an enhanced mobile panel recruitment methodology giving a more robust view of iOS and Android online audience behaviour.

• In the summer UKOM announced development endorsement of Comscore’s Video Metrix Multi-Platform, giving agencies and advertisers metrics on over 100 video properties across pc, tablet and smartphone and, for the first time, giving an industry standard view of YouTube UK audiences in detail across those multiple devices.

Here are the six take-outs from the brave speakers at UKOM Presents. They spoke, for 5 minutes each and under Chatham House rules, on the topic of standards, principles and ethics.

Our speakers were:

Tara Austin, creative strategy director at Ogilvy Change
Fergus Campbell, head of PR at Gumtree
Matt Cory, managing director of Spark, The Telegraph’s sponsored content team
Martin Greenbank, Channel 4’s head of advertising research & development
Sophie Maunder, CEO, VCCPme
Richard Shotton, deputy head of evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD

And we heard some provocative ideas, including:

Marketers are no longer proud of the ethics of advertising: “Have they have tried to inject some sham morality via brand purpose, ignoring the genuine strengths of advertising?”

The ethics of applied behavioural science in the post-truth era: “There’s nothing wrong with using persuasive techniques provided that you are honest.”

The issues around trust, principles and standards in digital advertising: “Have we forgotten the reason for advertising, to sell a client product or service?”

Personal reputation is entwined in the purpose of the whole and risk taking is not necessarily reckless: “Public scrutiny is on a different level when media becomes the news.”

The internet has opened up a much wider audience for fraudsters: “The challenge is to uphold standards without compromising the essence of this marketplace.”

How do we each create our own ethical stance? “What do the expectations of today’s leaders to be ethical, transparent and honest about everything mean and what impacts might that have on the culture of a business?"

Ian Dowds, CEO of UKOM said: “We are very grateful to our brilliant speakers for sharing such provocative views on a topic that has underscored all our activities at UKOM since our foundation in 2009. Watch this space for more events in 2018.”

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