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We aim to give you regular insights into consumers’ online habits, analysed by demographics, categories and devices.
The Digital Market overview is UKOM’s quarterly snapshot of digital audience trends, offering detailed insights into the UK’s top performing websites, mobile and video properties.
Each report includes total multi-platform measures, as well as breakdowns by device (PC/smartphone/tablet).

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Digital Market Overview

Q1 2019 UK Digital Market Overview report

Insights include: Seasonal uplifts for Government, Automotive and Career categories with, Indeed and Autotrader showing most growth compared to December 2018. Time spent on mobile apps and the ‘mobile only’ audience continues to grow as global brands dominate the top 20 mobile apps…

Q4 2018 UK Digital Market Overview report

Insights include: the ‘mobile only’ audience has grown by 7% points over the last year, up from 25% to 32% of the UK online adult population; and, compared to September 2018, of the top 10 sites by unique visitors, Amazon (+3%) and Sky (+4%) saw the greatest percentage uplift in audience...

Q3 2018 UK Digital Market Overview report

Insights include: mobile devices account for 75% of all adults time online, women spend more time online on via mobiles than men and almost one third of all adults now access the internet only via mobile devices...

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New Mobile Finance Apps

Each month, UKOM’s partner, Comscore, reports usage data for nearly 2800 mobile apps, over 50 of which are in the financial services category.

Online Travel Agents

UKOM looks at online travel agents to explore if category visitors are down year-on-year and who are the biggest winners and losers.

How do people really behave online?

13% don’t use the Internet at all: major study from Ofcom reveals some surprising truths about online life in the UK

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UKOM On The Road

IAB Research Breakfast

From July 15, commercial porn sites will be legally required to carry out "robust age verification checks" on their users. A slide deck presented by Julie Forey to the May IAB Research Breakfast sheds light on adult sites.

Download (.pdf – 2.16MB)

IAB UK Research Breakfast - February 2019

Slide deck presented by Julie Forey to the IAB UK Research Breakfast in February 2019.

Download (.pdf – 1.99MB)

IAB Industry Initiatives Townhall: Dec 2018

Slide deck presented by Ian Dowds at the IAB Steering Group's Townhall meeting.

Download (.pdf – 2.41MB)

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