The Commercial Board

The UKOM Commercial Board is chaired by Bill Murray.

The Commercial Board meets up to six times per year and is made up of about 10 members - mostly Commercial Directors - representing agencies, publishers, the IAB and the AOP. It monitors overall comScore performance in relation to UKOM-endorsed products, including contractual Service Level Agreement compliance and general market relevance.

The Commercial Board also works with comScore on the ratecard for the UKOM products to ensure that any changes represent a fair reflection of the investment and work carried out by comScore. UKOM does not enforce the ratecard and all negotiations between any customer and comScore are confidential matters for those parties only.

The Commercial Board also plays a leading role in considering how UKOM data and the service provided by comScore can best meet changing industry requirements. In the same way as rate card change proposals are considered by building and reviewing business cases, so too are the priorities for and breadth of areas for development.

Wherever it is the case that there may be a bottleneck with too many development challenges fighting for insufficient time and investment, the Commercial Board will set priorities by considering relative value to the industry, likely (or proven) demand from the wider industry and any other cost/benefit considerations.

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