The Technical Board

The UKOM Technical Board is chaired by Scott Fleming.

The Technical Board aims to meets eight times per year while maintaining a constant open line of communication and is made up of about 12 members - mostly Research or Insight Directors - representing agencies, publishers, the IAB and the AOP.

The main purpose of the Technical Board is to review and suggest enhancements, where they feel necessary, to comScore methodologies – before making a recommendation to the main UKOM Executive Board on awarding UKOM approval or not..

The Technical Board is also responsible for:

  • expanding UKOM’s measurement coverage to new devices when sufficient market growth is noted
  • tracking published UKOM data to monitor for anomalies
  • working with comScore on reviews of client raised queries

When UKOM’s relationship with comScore began, the Technical Board reviewed all comScore product methodologies, raising a number of questions and suggesting the enhancements it would like to see. Reviews take the form of written Q & A and opinion summary documents – all of which are made available to the UKOM Executive and Technical Boards, as well as to comScore.

In action, by way of example, the PC panel then received considerable investment to achieve better balance in demographics; in the mobile measurement space some demographic reporting was removed as UKOM Technical Board were unhappy with the data so comScore reviewed the methodology and statistical process and then reintroduced the demographic level data when the revision was to the satisfaction of the Technical Board. Our review of comScore’s MMX Multi-Platform methodology also highlighted areas for future improvement when technically possible. 

These can be seen as real examples of UKOM Governance.

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