UKOM data is available in various ways: via direct subscription with Ipsos and indirectly via software bureaux (Telmar, IMS and Kantar) or through IPA’s Touchpoints.

Most users choose to receive the data directly from the user interface (a cloud-based portal), though many use bureau software as it allows integration of other planning tools such as TGI.

An API feed to power proprietary systems will also be available as an extra subscription module.

Daily or “overnight” data is available with a one working day delay, i.e. Wednesday data is available on Friday. The monthly dataset is available 15 working days after the month’s end. Overnight reporting is top level only as aggregate data for a selected set of profiles while the monthly release includes the full dataset, which can be broken down on a daily, weekly or custom time range basis. Daypart analysis is also available.

To enquire about subscribing to Ipsos iris data, please contact the Ipsos team: or or or email