The battle of the TV mobile streaming apps over Xmas

This week we look at online TV streaming apps over the Christmas viewing period

H&M vs FIFA WC ’22: A three-day battle for streaming app audience

This week UKOM looks at usage of the Netflix mobile app in the days following the documentary launch date.

Student Banking Online

This week UKOM explores which financial institutions are popular with current students by looking at the top 10 online banking brands by audience reach in June 2022

A Closer Look at ‘Celebrity Influence’

This week’s ‘Closer Look’ chart focuses on ‘profiling’ and illustrates how brands can use one or many of over 400 variables available within Ipsos iris to understand how their audience compares with competitors.

February News & Daily Data

The daily data reporting, provided by Ipsos iris, provides timely and granular insights into how online usage is impacted by current events. We take a look at the data during February 2022.

UK Wordle Warriors

How many people are playing Wordle in the UK and how many minutes are they spending each day trying to crack the puzzle?

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