Closer Look

The Ipsos iris interface has two main functions: daily dashboard and report types. Click on the logos to discover examples.

Daily Dashboard

This provides top-line daily usage data for websites and apps within 36 hours


The Media report allows users to generate a basic report, analysing any media entities by any target group.


The Category report gives users the ability to analyse the performance of 315 categories.


The Profiling report identifies the profile composition of the selected media or categories.


The Ranking report lets users rank organisations, brands, websites and apps.


The Cross-Visiting report looks at the overlap of audiences across selected media entities.

% Change

% Change reports enable users to analyse differences and changes between two months for media entities and categories.


The Dayparts report allows users to breakdown metrics by four different times of the day.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis reports enable the user to view the performance of the selected media and categories across multiple months and metrics.

Media Plus

Media Plus allows users to generate a basic report but any media selected will show the total numbers they represent regardless of the selection made under them.