UKOM Ipsos iris webinar

A webinar on July 6 will bring together industry experts and answer your questions about UKOM Ipsos iris.

Good news – it’s the end of the beginning

UKOM, its stakeholders and boards are celebrating marathon efforts towards the birth of Ipsos iris. The future, writes CEO Ian Dowds, is all about endless refinement.

Ipsos iris: what's important to understand right now

Answers to the questions we get asked the most about the improved methodology of Ipsos iris

Don’t look back in anger

With the advent of UKOM Ipsos iris, industry expert Richard Marks looks at the precedents for handling a change in measurement and argues that it’s important to embrace that change rather than attempt to compare with the past.

Update on UKOM Ipsos iris data release

UKOM is pleased to provide an update on the release of published data from Ipsos iris, marking important progress in the measurement of online content and ad campaigns in the UK.

Why future-ready beats future-proof in audience measurement

The idea that online audience measurement can somehow be ‘proofed’ against market disruption is wrong. With the imminent launch of Ipsos iris in mind, Katherine Page (pictured below) argues it’s better to learn with the future…

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