Capturing consumer experience using Ipsos iris data

UKOM, in its role as the audience measurement standards body, has published a new series of useful graphics based on Ipsos iris data and vividly illustrating online behaviour in the UK.

James Smythe, former General Manager of UKOM, passes away

A hugely popular figure in the media research sector, James Smythe worked at Carat, GCap/Global Radio, BRMB, Kantar and UKOM before starting his own successful business.

Webinar celebrates the launch of UKOM Ipsos iris

On 6 July UKOM co-presented a webinar – "A new understanding of online audiences" – which marked the arrival of UKOM Ipsos iris as the UK's standard for online audience measurement across PC, tablet and smartphone. 

Good news – it’s the end of the beginning

UKOM, its stakeholders and boards are celebrating marathon efforts towards the birth of Ipsos iris. The future, writes CEO Ian Dowds, is all about endless refinement.

Ipsos iris: what's important to understand right now

Answers to the questions we get asked the most about the improved methodology of Ipsos iris

Don’t look back in anger

With the advent of UKOM Ipsos iris, industry expert Richard Marks looks at the precedents for handling a change in measurement and argues that it’s important to embrace that change rather than attempt to compare with the past.

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