Life after lockdown Q&A: “we’re figuring out how to live and work in a culture where the virus is still out there”

UKOM Technical Board member Scott Thompson is already on his eleventh Coronavirus context update for his agency, and 1,000 slides. “We need data more than ever,” he says.

What's Next? An Ipsos and UKOM update on Ipsos iris

A new UKOM endorsed solution for measuring online audiences in the UK launches in January 2021. Join us on June 24 at 11am for the first live online webinar about Ispos iris

Early evidence of online lockdown behaviour in the UK

Life in the UK has been transformed since restrictions were brought in to curb the spread of coronavirus. How has online behaviour changed? UKOM-endorsed Comscore data gives a first glimpse, Ofcom’s Guy Holcroft writes

Tomorrow we will be judged by our actions of today

Did you ever imagine you would hear a Conservative chancellor say, ‘We will be judged by our capacity for compassion’?

Ensuring we continue to support the industry

This is a quick update so you know that while everyone sits out the COVID-19 pandemic the work on UKOM endorsed data continues.

Q&A with Mario Paic

UKOM recently had the chance to meet Global Head of Data Science Mario Paic behind Ipsos iris. Here is what he had to say...

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