UKOM partners with Mediatel for podcast series

The first episode of a series of eight podcasts sponsored by UKOM is now available to download.

How do people really behave online?

13% don’t use the Internet at all: major study from Ofcom reveals some surprising truths about online life in the UK

Engage 2019: a view from the floor

On June 5 UKOM’s Julie Forey went to the IAB’s annual conference. Here are her highlights

Is everything on the internet fake? A response...

Ian Dowds:
Back in March, in The Drum, Samuel Scott asked “Is everything on the internet fake?” The correct answer to that question is, of course, “no.”

Adland must have common standards if we want to measure up

Iain Jacob:
Common base measures and standards underpin every industry that has ambitions towards scale, trust and credibility. It is that simple.

UKOM’s mission to be the industry’s flexible friend

Ian Dowds:
UKOM’s RFP process will see online audience measurement poised to enter an exciting new phase of development

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