Date: Wednesday June 24 2020
Time: 11 - 11.45am
Register here

A new UKOM endorsed solution for measuring online audiences in the UK launches in January 2021. Join us on June 24 at 11am for the first live online webinar about Ipsos iris. You will have the opportunity to engage in real time with Ian Dowds, CEO of UKOM, and James Torr, Senior Director at Ipsos Mori, and hear about how Ipsos iris will offer subscribers data that is more robust, more frequent and more granular than any UKOM-endorsed solution to date.

You’ll discover more about:

  • The unparalleled value of a mobile-first, single-source and multi-device panel
  • The ongoing industry collaboration behind Ipsos iris 
  • Monthly, weekly, daily and time-of-day reporting
  • Enhanced audiences
  • Flexible data integration 

Relevant for agencies, marketers and publishers, this is the opportunity for a first look at what will be the UK's most advanced online audience and advertising measurement solution.

Register here.


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