UKOM is pleased to provide an update on the release of published data from Ipsos iris, marking important progress in the measurement of online content and ad campaigns in the UK.

Ipsos have now had time to refine the iris production process and enhance the technical aspects which delayed the release of data in March. Data released on April 26 includes publisher sections, along with audiences for content distributed via the Apple News app, following close collaboration with Apple in the UK and US.

As previously announced, this is not a fully UKOM endorsed dataset and UKOM endorsement will only be in place for April data which is currently due for release on May 24. 

Ipsos have communicated to all subscribers a calendar of data releases and embargo dates over the next three months. 

UKOM CEO Ian Dowds says: "With the growth in digital platforms through the pandemic, it's more important than ever that Ipsos and UKOM work together to develop a gold standard understanding of the UK digital arena. Ipsos iris is an important step towards boosting the confidence agencies, publishers and marketers need in our future digital economy."

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