UKOM, in its role as the audience measurement standards body, has published a new series of useful graphics based on Ipsos iris data and vividly illustrating online behaviour in the UK.

The series, named Closer Look, is available free and sent out via LinkedIn. We reproduce selected examples here to illustrate how media decision-making can be made more efficient using the Ipsos iris interface where the whole digital journey is covered in one place.

Features include:

Daily Dashboard – this provides topline information allowing users to track trends and monitor changes. It includes daily, weekly and monthly data and is customisable.
See how the BBC iPlayer app performed on May 14

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BBC iPlayer

Alongside the daily dashboard are a number of individual report types, including:

Ranking – run this report to see where an organisation, brand, website or app ranks during selected months.
See an online fashion retail example

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Profiling – these enable users to look at a range of profiles and different devices and identify an audience.

Netflix plans to offer cheaper subscriptions to audiences who watch adverts.  Match visitors to the Netflix website and app against CACI Fresco financial segments

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Cross-visiting – these allow users to compare shared audience and check duplication, highlighting brand loyalty.
Learn about about cross-visiting of eBay and online fashion

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Trend analysis – these give granular insight over time.
See how consumers are using online to find cheap petrol

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Commenting on the new series, UKOM Insight Director Julie Forey said: “Knowledge sits at the core of every successful business decision but the amount of online data at our fingertips can be overwhelming, meaning real knowledge is often elusive. The Closer Look series helps subscribers to Ipsos iris generate useful insights by showcasing the breadth and depth of audience analysis that is now possible using UK industry standard online data.”

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