Football may not be coming home this year, but the Euros have provided UKOM with a great opportunity to examine the daily data capability from our new audience measurement partner, Ipsos iris.

The UK industry approved digital measurement solution in 2021 now gives subscribers access to daily internet audience numbers on 1800+ websites and 500+ apps within 36 hours. Exploring data over the last couple of weeks has enabled the Ipsos and UKOM teams to provide timely insights within days rather than weeks of the tournament finishing.  

Last week Ipsos shared an analysis looking at viewing of the BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub during the Euros. In addition to Broadcaster App Usage, daily data also enables subscribers to look at wider audience behaviour and consumption of other online services and products during the tournament. Take online fast food as an example. The data shows there is a strong link between the date of England matches and usage of online food delivery services with the two biggest apps, Just Eat & Uber Eats, both witnessing strong gains on game days. Typically, food delivery services would see an increase in app usage at the weekends (shaded) but there were also big increases on the days of the mid-week England games.

The data shows that more people visited the Just Eat & Uber Eats apps on the Tuesday of the England v Germany game than on Wednesday when the England v Denmark semi-final match was being played. Maybe this was because the Germany match was at the earlier kick-off time at 5pm rather than 8pm?

The table below shows data for both Uber Eats and Just Eat on 29th June – the date of the Germany clash.  Both apps showed huge increases in audience compared to both the day before (D) and the previous Tuesday (W).

Source: © Ipsos MORI, Ipsos iris Online Audience Measurement Service, 22/6-29/6 2021, UK, 15+

Whilst the relationship between football and fast food is perhaps a little obvious, the data illustrates the type of analysis that the new UKOM Ipsos partnership now facilitates. Whilst internal analytics provides data for one company, Ipsos iris can provide valuable insight into how performance compares with key competitors in the sector and the relationship between different categories.

In addition to providing top-line daily data within 36 hours, the monthly consolidated data enables subscribers to select any day, weekend, week or specific time period within the month to analyse across an extensive range of demographics. Furthermore, the new solution also provides daypart data, enabling users to pinpoint what may be causing peaks and troughs and providing useful insight as to when across the day consumers are engaging with different brands and categories.

The granular data collected by Ipsos during the Euros could help organisations gain learnings on consumers’ online behaviour to aid strategy and planning for future sporting events. With the Women’s Euro 2022 and the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar looming, now is a good time to start exploring!

Notes on Data:
*Data for Uber Eats and Just Eat is APP only, on smartphones, tablets and desktops and includes audience data for the whole day

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