At 8am on December 8th, parts 1-3 of the long-awaited Harry & Meghan documentary were released on Netflix. UKOM endorsed Ipsos iris data in the UK enables us to look at usage of smartphone and tablet apps by day. This week UKOM looks at usage of the Netflix mobile app in the days following the documentary launch date.

The data below shows the audience to the Netflix mobile app on smartphones and tablets on December 8th and how it compared to the day (D) and week before (W). Almost 7% of internet users visited the app the day the Harry & Meghan documentary launched in the UK, with females (8.4%) more likely to visit than males (5.5%). For both genders there was single digit audience growth on the launch day compared to the day before (+ 3-4%) and the same day the week before (+ 6-8%). However, when looking at time spent on the app, growth was a lot higher at 25% compared to the day before with females generating more minutes and driving growth. Females spent 32% more time using Netflix on December 8th compared to the day before whilst for males, the increase was only 18%.

Whilst there was clearly an upturn in time spent on the app on December 8th, audience reach and time online was lower in the next couple of days, falling to 3.2 million app users on Friday 9th with only 70.6 million minutes.

However, Netflix also had to compete with the FIFA World Cup.  On Friday night, the day after the series launched and the start of the quarter finals on the BBC, time spent on BBC iPlayer’s mobile app went up from 42 million to 92 million minutes and the audience was 89% higher than the day before. Audiences also spent 78 million minutes on the newly launched ITVX mobile app on December 10th - the day of the England v France match - compared to only 22 million the day before as the channel streamed the game. The following day after the quarter finals had come to an end, audience and time spent on the Netflix mobile app picked up again.

The UKOM endorsed Ipsos iris data reports on all usage of the app and does not include programme level audience but Netflix have announced that from its own data Harry & Meghan had the highest viewing time of any documentary to debut on the streaming service in its premier week. Given it was also no.1 in the UK, the show is highly likely to impact the usage trend data. With the 2nd part of the series being launched TODAY, it will be interesting to see what the mobile app user numbers and minutes look like for the next few days.  

Notes on data:
Source: UKOM Ipsos iris Online Audience Measurement Service, Daily Data, December 2022.
Base = all aged 15+ years using PC/laptop, smartphone or tablet device(s).

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